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On my major

After two years studying English Literature in Ithaca, New Work, I returned home to Puerto Rico and began studying Humanities, I subsequently changed my major to psychology and then biology in an effort to please my grandfather. I quickly realized that what was truly for me was Humanities, so now my major is back to being what I knew, in the beginning, was my love. I aspire to get a Master’s/Doctorate in Puerto Rican Literature because that’s what excites me. I look forward to it if they accept me in the Centro de Estudios Avanzados in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico. If not, I’ll be doing my masters on something else, elsewhere, but my dream is to bathe in my country’s literature, history, and culture. I absolutely love it. So let’s see. I first have to get my bachelors and crossing my fingers I can get into my top school and master in whatever I desire. That’s my dream for now folks. Lesson learned: don’t change your major for anybody and do what excites you. Study what you are passionate about. Even though I’m not close to graduating yet, I’m currently thinking about my bachelors thesis and I have so so many ideas!!! I’ll later post a list of ideas that I think I might be able to go for as a humanities major. We’ll see.


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