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Dead Beat

Exhaustion penetrates me

I am left feeling depleted, bleeding,

Aching, a need for a feeding of love and affection,

I need to know that everything is going to be alright.

Life is hard, and challenging, and exhausting

Life gives you a kick in the ass when you least expect it.

One day you wake up rock bottom and realize that only you have the power to change.

Perhaps not your circumstances—BUT—you do have the power to change how you react to those circumstances. 

It is important to share our frustration, to let it be known what we feel and find the root of our suffering. If not, we will just end up sinking deeper and deeper into oblivion until there is nothing left of us.

I am exhausted of this fight and the everyday struggle to be the best of myself and not conform to what society wants me to be. The struggle is actually to fight against the mold that society wants to fit you into. That in itself is exhausting.

This is tiring and arduous work but we must keep going for the sake of staying true to ourselves and our beliefs.

Here’s to fighting the good fight—and remember folks—let’s always try to see the bright side of things, even if that means we get to bed each night feeling exhausted and even disgusted with life.

The nausea will dissipate.

WE will give life our own very kick and that’s when our energy will bolt higher and higher and we will bear the fruits of our hard work.



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