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All I Need

All I need is a sign,

A look,

A wink,

A smile,

A word,

A gesture,

A touch,

All I need is for you to react, to act–

A message, a yes a no–

All I need is an Answer.
Answer my prayer for I am waiting for a Response that could change the course of our Destiny.

All I need is for God to guide me for my Faith has been tested and I am still here waiting–slowly, but surely–waiting for enlightenment. 

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My attempt at a “sestina”

Think about your Purpose

Forget about the Past

Be here in the Present

Look forward to the Future

Rejoice in your Age

Time is in Us.
Time is in You.

You’ve earned your Age

The Future is your dreams

In the Present we struggle

To erase Past mistakes

Our Purpose is to love.
What Purpose do you have, Mother?

We are your Past

your Present

and your Future.

Do you feel the accomplishments of your Age?

Time lives inside of Us.
Time lives inside of You.

What is our Age

but a Future ahead?

At Present we stand

Looking at the Past

Think about your Purpose, Mother.
For the Purpose of this poem,

Remember: the Present is given to you.

The Future is your dreams.

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A feeling, a longing, a desire, a promise of an encounter-

Entwine me, wrap me in your arms with strength and passion-this is our time to act upon our need to be poured into one another-without restraint, without warning.

This is warmth, this is wanting, this is lust and the air is musky with the smell of our bodies acting as two catalysts for this explosion-

We are climaxing and this is a higher state ofconsciousness-

We are two becoming one.

We are belonging.

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Dead Beat

Exhaustion penetrates me

I am left feeling depleted, bleeding,

Aching, a need for a feeding of love and affection,

I need to know that everything is going to be alright.

Life is hard, and challenging, and exhausting

Life gives you a kick in the ass when you least expect it.

One day you wake up rock bottom and realize that only you have the power to change.

Perhaps not your circumstances—BUT—you do have the power to change how you react to those circumstances. 

It is important to share our frustration, to let it be known what we feel and find the root of our suffering. If not, we will just end up sinking deeper and deeper into oblivion until there is nothing left of us.

I am exhausted of this fight and the everyday struggle to be the best of myself and not conform to what society wants me to be. The struggle is actually to fight against the mold that society wants to fit you into. That in itself is exhausting.

This is tiring and arduous work but we must keep going for the sake of staying true to ourselves and our beliefs.

Here’s to fighting the good fight—and remember folks—let’s always try to see the bright side of things, even if that means we get to bed each night feeling exhausted and even disgusted with life.

The nausea will dissipate.

WE will give life our own very kick and that’s when our energy will bolt higher and higher and we will bear the fruits of our hard work.


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Tears swell up in my eyes and I cry

I cry for help, for a look, for a stare of understanding–

I cry because I am lonely and isolated.

Is this the prison I have built for myself?

Or has society imprisoned me?

I write because sometimes the tears are not enough, they wet the page and the ink smears–

I am left with a mess. I am a mess. Messy tears caress my face and I hold back the longing to evanescence and disappear into nothingness. I know what I want–I know what I need–Why can’t I have what I truly desire when I see others enjoy it fervently?

I am nothing without Love and I’ll I’ve ever wanted was to be Loved and Love back.


Sometimes they give away your true being,

For me–

They are exhausted,

Somehow they are not enough supplication for my hopes and my dreams.

Somehow they are not enough to cleanse me.

Somehow they are not enough to release me.



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Forgive Me

Forgive me

But you have bewitched me

Your eyes, blazing, a stare–

 I can’t forget.

Forgive me but I want to possess you.

I want that stare to become my mirror and my becoming–

I am indebted to you for awakening me.

Forgive me but you spoke soft words 

I didn’t notice you and now it’s too late.

Forgive me for not paying attention to you.

For now,

I am forever waiting for you.