life, mindfulness, self-esteem

On Friendships

Some people come into our lives and they help us learn and grow-BUT-that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a point where that growth halts and these same people just aren’t meant to be with you to help you keep growing. That’s why friends come and they go. And some-only some-friends are the ones that last and stand the test of time. These are the special ones.Now, let’s not be afraid to say no to those people that are not helping us grow. Let us not be afraid to “cut the cord” on those friendships that are giving us bad vibes or those friendships that feel possessive when they’re supposed to feel free. Being with a friend should never feel like somebody is trying to control you or even change you. Helping you grow is one thing-trying to manipulate or change you is another thing altogether.

There are times when we have to say NO

And NO always means NO.


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