What’s Happening

These past six months have been challenging.

I made a decision to part ways with the college I was studying at miles away from home.

I experienced a nervous breakdown and my first (and hopefully only) hospitalization at a psychiatric hospital.

I am still in the recovery process but am much better than I was three months ago.

I took the steps to take care of myself, become social again, write again, and now I’ve started to feel like I can go out at night and “party” a little bit too. All signs that I’m beginning to go back to “normal”—or at least a little close to how I was (deep down I know I won’t fully be the person I was before because I’ve changed and will keep changing.) What I can say is that with time I’ll be doing all of the activities that I did before.

My energy is still not where it used to be, but that’s probably because of the medication I’m taking.

I wish I could say that I’m exercising every day, but that’s just now true.


Things I’m looking to improve:

1.Get back on track with an exercise routine and walk 20-30 min 4-5 days a week (This is a starting point and what I can handle)

2.Start getting used to schoolwork and studying since I’ll be taking a Summer class(General Psychology)

3.Continue to be social and hang out with friends, but prioritize my studying

4.Continue fomenting mindfulness by implementing a step-by-step//day-to-day way of living

5.Practice driving even though I’m terrified of it :/


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