Check Out: Infinite Waters (Diving Deep)

Ralph Smart’s YouTube Channel—Infinite Waters (Diving Deep)—features videos on spirituality, meditation, health, and other topics relating to the self. I stumbled upon his channel after watching the documentary The Indigo Evolution, also featured on YouTube, and typing on the search bar “signs that you’re an indigo,” I found his video: “13 Things Only Indigos Understand.” It was an informative and interesting video, discussing some things that I identified with. I don’t love the term free spirit, but it’s the only one that I’ve found rings true when I want to encompass my personality with a term. I’ve been called a free spirit a few times and I believe that I am. I also consider myself an old soul, and, not surprisingly, Ralph has a video on old souls: “9 Signs You’re An Old Soul.”



I recommend everyone to check out his videos, especially those interested in metaphysics and concepts such as soul mates, twin flames, lost souls, 11:11, etc.



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