An Unlikely Combination

Tayzan Bar and Grill in Condado, Puerto Rico features Chinese, Japanese, and Puerto Rican cuisine. It is one of my favorite restaurants in the metro area because of the quality of the food and the excellent service.

I’ve posted on mofongo before—check out my posts “Mini-Mofongos” and “Trying Trifongo”—so it’s no surprise that I quite enjoy it. At Tayzan, a restaurant known for its amazing sushi—notable ones include the pinky roll, and if you’re looking for something “boricua,” the churrasco roll. There’s the option of ordering mofongo with a side of chicken, meat, or fish. My choice was the sweet and sour chicken. I admit, if I were to choose again, I would pick the grilled salmon, considering both plates are heavy (mofongo is fried and mashed green plantains and the sweet and sour chicken is battered and fried.) However, it was a treat to mix mofongo bits with sweet and sour sauce, despite the accompanying mayo-ketchup (which was left untouched.) It was an unlikely combination, but a good one. Mofongo with sweet and sour sauce? I recommend it.

I also recommend Tayzan’s sushi—I highly recommend it. Favorites include the pinky roll, orgasmo roll, california roll, churrasco roll, and the shrimp tempura roll. If you’re in the metro area and are looking for Chinese and/or Japanese cuisine with a twist, try Tayzan. Or if you’re looking for awesome sushi—it is the best sushi I’ve tried in the metro area. You’re guaranteed a great sushi boat!






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