When You Feel Like Quitting, Remember That Nobody’s Perfect

Learning the ropes of a new job is no easy task, especially when you’re dealing with delicate and expensive merchandise such as jewelry. My grandfather owns and operates a jewelry store and as a learning experience and opportunity to make and save some money, I’ve decided to work for him a few times a week. Thankfully, it isn’t a full-time job; I don’t know how he works from 9 am to 9 pm five days of the week considering he’s almost eighty years old! On my second day, I made a HUGE mistake. That very same day, I felt like telling him that I couldn’t do it anymore, that I couldn’t go to the store and help him because I wasn’t adequate enough for the job.

Here’s the thing: in a jewelry store, people are expected to be treated with the utmost patience and respect, especially a store such as his that sells expensive and fine jewelry and has been operating for more than thirty years in the same shopping mall. You also have to deal with people constantly, and that’s just not my forte. But this kind of experience teaches me patience, a virtue that I have yet to foment (I am naturally a hyperactive and impatient person.) It also teaches me how to relate to people in a sales setting as a salesperson (which I am clearly not made for.) But, despite my lack of skills as a salesperson and despite my ability to focus one hundred percent on the tasks at hand, I am reminded that nobody is perfect. And when I felt like quitting, I remembered that it was my second day on the job and that I have yet to learn many lessons about what I should and shouldn’t do. For now, what is important to remember is that I have to focus on three important things: patience, concentration, and treating people with ease (despite my awkwardness, nervousness, and natural anxiety around people, (hello introverts!) ) So: when you feel like quitting, remember that nobody’s perfect. And those of you that work in a sales environment and have to be on their feet constantly and dealing with all kinds of customers on a daily basis, I salute you! It is no easy feat and the tasks at hand require near perfect concentration (to say the least!)


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