Self-esteem on a daily basis

1.Practice gratitude journaling. Sometimes, writing down what one is grateful for every day boosts the way you feel about yourself, and also, how you feel about life in general.

2.Don’t knock yourself down for your appearance. If you don’t look your “best,” that’s ok. We can’t look awesome every day, but we can feel good about ourselves by not being too hard on ourselves.

3.If you gain or lose weight without meaning to, don’t freak out. Stress–and for women– (that time of the month) can contribute to fluctuations in our weight. And sometimes it’s ok to indulge and gain a couple of pounds (let’s not be too hard on ourselves!)

4.But, it’s important to realize that physical activity helps us feel good about ourselves physically, mentally, and even spiritually (go yoga!)

5.Having a good conversation with a good friend always helps me feel good about myself. So get out of the house, or call a friend and make a lunch date and talk. Talk it out. Let it be known…

To sum it up: practice gratitude journaling, don’t knock yourself down for not looking your “best,” it’s ok to gain or lose a few pounds (so let’s not freak out about it,) exercise can help us feel better, and talking it out works too.


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