Melt in Old San Juan

About a week ago I had a lunch date with my good friend Natalie. She suggested we try some grilled cheese sandwiches at this new place by the Plaza de Armas located at the Plaza de Armas Hotel in Old San Juan. “Melt,” she said. I was like “What? Melt? I’ve never heard of Melt!” It was an opportunity to try a new place despite our favorite—brunch at St.Germain—another great place to try in Old San Juan. I was charmed by the lovely décor and the cool-looking menu showcasing an assortment of delicious-sounding dishes. We both ordered from the “melts” section, of course. My dish was a combination of melted goat cheese and guava jam on two slices of thick, white bread. The side was a small salad of leafy greens with guava dressing. My first impression upon biting into my melt: absolutely delightful. I was in heaven savoring the goat cheese and guava combination and the thick, yet soft bread was a perfect vehicle for the mix of flavors and textures. What seemed like a simple grilled cheese sandwich did not disappoint. The salad was small but it was delicious, the greens good for intermediate bites between the eating of sandwich (it was no small feat, considering the good-sized portion!)IMG_0428IMG_0429IMG_0430IMG_0431

If you’re a fan of grilled cheese sandwiches or are looking to try something new, try Melt in Old San Juan, you will enjoy a delicious meal (there is also breakfast served all day long!)




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