Accepting Love as The Path to Liberation

All of us have secrets we sometimes wish we could scream out loud because they’ve been bottled for so long and rehashed over and over in our heads. All of us have something that we keep private, or better said, hidden. We hide this part of us because we are afraid of speaking up and saying what we feel or what we want to do. We’ve chosen silence as an option because we think it is the only one. My secret was love.

For years, I was striving to achieve liberation or freedom through the pursuit of knowledge (what I believed was wisdom.) But then I understood that without love, there is no wisdom. First, I had to learn how to love myself. That took time and introspection. Then I let go of my fear of declaring love and the secret that I had been hiding was my love for another person who did not correspond to me at the time. After I did this—after I revealed my secret—I felt free. But that wasn’t everything. I did not get the person that I desired, but that didn’t matter. Because in the process, I learned how to love myself and understand that sometimes we have to be alone because we are still coping with things in our lives that make it difficult to sustain a relationship. And in reality, these things cannot be planned—they come naturally. Whatever secret is in there that wants to break free, release it. Break the silence. Sometimes it’s good to reveal a part of us that feels like a burden, like a weight that we’ve been carrying for years.

I chose love as my path to liberation because I knew it was important to live with the freedom of a voice rather than a prison of silence in the middle of my pursuit of knowledge.

We can’t have wisdom, or an understanding of wisdom without understanding what love means. Even if we are alone, we are freed by our declaration. And even if we have to deal with rejection, it is another experience we can learn how to cope with.

I accept love as THE PATH to liberation because I was freed through loving myself, loving others, and loving God.


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