The Journey is Understanding Yourself

The journey is to understand yourself.

Understand yourself first and then try to understand others.

But don’t do it the other way around. Don’t neglect the process of getting to know yourself, understanding yourself, and loving yourself.

Without understanding, there can’t be love.

Understanding is the foundation of love.

It is a nod of the head, a look in the eyes, a way of seeing the other with clarity and knowing. Knowing the truth.

But there has to be the same thing with oneself, if there is not then there is no growth in our development as human beings. And sometimes there is no growth with our relationships either.

We have to be willing to go to the dark places.

We have to be willing to feel the pain of memories and of the past, to deal with what hasn’t been dealt with, to confront our demons.

So I commend all to take the time and experience that sadness that has been repressed—or the sadness that has been there all along—to feel it properly and then let it go and move forward. There is new ground to discover in the journey.

But before we can meet happiness or joy, let’s dwell in that suffering for a bit. If not, there will be a time when it will all burst and it will be explosive and unwelcome, to say the least.

It all starts with understanding.

First, understand the Self: emotions, desires, fears, etc.

Then try to understand the Other.

This is the foundation for love, and what many don’t understand is that it starts with a little introspection: look into the soul and you will discover a few things about yourself and life.



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