What to Eat: Trying “Trifongo”

Mofongo—mashed fried plaintains—is a staple dish in Puerto Rico. It is often served stuffed with meat or seafood and it’s absolutely delicious. My favorite way to have is by itself rather than stuffed. When I heard of a restaurant serving “trifongo”—a mix of green plantain, sweet plantain, and yuca—I was surprised that such a mix existed. Even though this is also a typical food to eat in PR, it is less traditional than mofongo and less frequent in restaurant menus than its counterpart. I decided to try the trifongo at Fefo’s in Old San Juan, and it definitely did not disappoint. I chose the trifongo stuffed with churrasco or skirt steak. Honestly, I prefer mofongo because it is simpler and you get the full flavor of the plantain, but the trifongo was an interesting mix of flavors. The yuca or cassava was present in flavor and the green plantain was not overbearing (the stronger of the two in flavor.)


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