What makes a person a writer?

Writing hasn’t always been my preferred method of catharsis, I used to cry much more than I do now. And talk. Talking was my preferred method of venting. But over time, I learned to love writing and it has become my favorite way to release both negative and positive emotions. It is also a creative outlet and one of the few that I have. I’m not saying I’m talented, I’m not saying I have a special gift, but I enjoy writing. I consider myself a writer, but many people would disagree. Many people would say that a writer should gain fame and recognition, but I’m not looking for that. What I want to know is what makes a person a writer? I know hundreds of writers I enjoy and I believe that anybody that desires to be a writer can be a writer. But when I feel discouraged, when I feel like I don’t want to write, or even read for that matter, I resort to inspirational quotes to keep me going and remind me that I don’t have to go anywhere in particular. I am, as they say, “going with the flow.” Here are some quotes about writing to encourage those out there that feel questioned, judged, criticized, or who just want to give up. Remember: nobody is perfect. If you want to be a writer, write. It’s that simple. But—for those who disagree or who have more insightful advice—share in the comments section below!







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